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Clientele annually builds upon their successes in the Georgia General Assembly. "We put my years of service alongside that of my friends and colleagues in government to make Georgia a better state, "Walraven said. "We've improved access to health care for cancer-stricken Georgians who were being denied lifesaving medicine in drafting and advocating for the Jimmy Carter Cancer Access Act. We've helped reform tax law to improve the private sector's ability to collect delinquent property taxes while fully funding and protecting local governments, so Georgians who pay their taxes on time don't see their millage rates increase.

We've spotted an opportunity to end bad local water laws that were stalling real estate transactions in Georgia's worst pockets of blight. Legislative leaders agreed and amended a bill to force water providers to provide services to new property owners rather than sticking them with the previous owner's bill. In tight budget times, we succeeded in obtaining a grant to help burn patients keep their families close to them as they heal."

Outside of the Capitol, Mr. Walraven helped EdenCrete Industries, Inc. to choose Georgia and, specifically, his hometown of Augusta, to develop a manufacturing facility—creating over 250 jobs with a $65 million investment. Mr. Walraven also was key in helping EdenCrete receive DOT approval for the use of its concrete additive. "If your business is interested in creating jobs in Georgia, we can help Georgia become interested in your business."

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A Full-service Lobbying Company

Georgia Governmental Affairs, LLC, (GGA) is a full-service lobbying company representing clients before all areas of the Georgia Government. Immediately prior to creating GGA, Mr. Walraven served as Counsel to the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, David Ralston, a position he held since the Fall of 2007.

What Is a "Full-service" Lobbying Company?

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